Exam Date : 14/9/2019

Exam Time : 10AM to 12PM (10th-MAT),3PM to 5PM (VII,IX,X-SAT)

Exam Topics

Class 10th

Physics : Electricity, Magnetic Effects, Optics,Source of Energy
Chemistry: Chemical Reactions, Acids,Base and salt, Metals and non-metals, Periodic properties, Carbon and its Compounds
Biology: Life Process:Nutrition, Process:Respiration, Control and Coordination, Excretion, Heredity and Evolution
Maths: Real Numbers, Polynomials, Quadratic equation, Linear Equation, Triangles, Coordinate Geometry
Social: Nationalism in India, Resources and development, Federalism, Sectors of the Indian economy
Mental Ability: Time and Work, Calendar, Profit and Loss, Clock, Series

Class 9th

Physics : Motion
Chemistry: Matter around us, Matter in our surroundings, Atoms and Molecules
Biology: Fundamental unit of life,Tissue
Maths: Number System, Polynomials, Co-ordinate Geometry, Linear equation in two variables, Lines and angles, Triangles
Social: French revolution, Physical features of India
Mental Ability: Blood relations, Coding and decoding, Analogy, Ranking

Class 8th

Physics : Force pressure and friction
Chemistry: Coal and Petroleum, Combustion and flame, Fibres
Biology: Crop-production, Micro organism, Cell
Maths: Rational numbers, Square and Square roots, Cubes and Cube Roots, Exponents and power, Algebraic expression, Factorisation, Linear Equation
Social: From trade to Territory, Land, soil, water, Natural vegetation and wildlife resources, Indian Constitution
Mental Ability: Blood relations, Coding and decoding, Clock


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