About Us

RIJU & PSK classes have a significant education system with a humble birth and an institution where no student is ever neglected where every action and thoughts are student oriented.

At RIJU & PSK classes, the students are considered sparks of divinity and teaching is considered as dedicated service towards divinity. We ensure that our endeavor at RIJU & PSK classes is to prepare students for life by developing in them analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence.

We provide unique education considering the economic spectrum (financially backward will be taught absolutely free), blending expertise in particular domain of disciplinary knowledge, to produce creative thinkers of best practices, to get with diverse ethnicity, developing skills and character formation to be morally up right, socially committed and spiritually inspired intellectuals devoted to ethics and excellence.

At RIJU & PSK classes every work is done in the spirit of worship, the quality of the work done by the teachers and students undergo a metamorphosis. As a result the work is transformed to a work of an extraordinary dimension. We are shaping the destiny of the nation,we teach young minds how they can make history.

“I feel like the ground astonished at what the sky’s spirit has brought to it what I know is growing inside me rain makes every molecule pregnant with a mystery”.